Technology Conservation Group Inc. (“TCG”) is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers and business associates. The foundation of our privacy policy (“policy”) is a firm obligation to uphold the responsible collection, use and disclosure of personal information in our custody. Personal information can be defined as information that identifies a specific individual.

Personal Information

TCG is a Certified Electronics Recycler® with multi-site ISO 14001:2004 certification offering asset disposition, asset management and integrated circuit distribution services.  TCG has processing facilities in the United States, Mexico and an administrative office in India.

TCG may collect contact information, or details that allow an individual to be contacted at their place of work, for product and service provision or relevant communication dissemination.

Collection, Usage and Disclosure

Collection and Usage
TCG collects voluntarily provided personal or contact information (such as an individual’s name, title, company name, home or business address, telephone, fax and e-mail) through our Web site (, via business communications (telephone, fax or e-mail) and other industry-related mediums such as trade shows or electronic-based messaging groups. TCG gathers personal information in order to provide products and services, supply information or deliver relevant communication about these products and services. Examples of relevant communication include business development or marketing communications.

When a sale is involved, TCG will collect financial information (account or credit card numbers), which is used only to bill an individual or organization for the purchase of our products or services. Credit card transactions are processed through a secure third-party organization

TCG also gathers general information from individuals who use our products and services. From time to time, TCG may collect demographic information (such as, but not limited to, industry and organization size) for marketing and/or market research purposes. This information may be stored and analyzed to enable improvements in product and service provision, to better understand the needs of our customers, to assess the impact of our marketing communications efforts and to assist with future strategic planning.

Cookies:  TCG uses cookies only with your explicit consent in order to hold session information, improve security during a visitor’s session online or improve the usability of our web site during a visit.  We store the following information in cookies:  session information (session ID, random key) and login name.  We do not associate the information stored in a visitor’s cookie with any other personal data about that visitor without the user’s prior consent.  Each of our employees who have access to your personal data and are associated with the processing of that data are required to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

IP Addresses:  TCG uses IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our website and to gather usage information.  When you visit our site we recognize only your domain name and not your email address.  The only way we will ever obtain your email address is if you give it to us by filling out an online form or by sending us an email message.

TCG may contract third-party organizations to do work on our behalf. If this work involves personal information under TCG’s custody, we will ensure there is an agreement in place that commits the third-party to adhere to our policy.

TCG does not sell, rent or market personal information to any third party organization.

Limits on Collection, Usage, Disclosure and Retention
TCG will only collect and utilize personal or contact information which is fundamental to the business purposes outlined above. Should circumstances arise beyond these identified purposes, further consent of use will be sought. Otherwise, TCG may be obligated disclose personal information where required by law.

TCG will retain personal information only as long as is necessary to fulfill the intended purposes, or as long as required for legal or business purposes. In addition, TCG will keep personal information used in making a business decision that directly affects individuals for at least one year after the decision has been made.

Accuracy of Information
TCG will make reasonable effort to ensure the personal information under our custody is accurate and complete. Individuals may contact TCG, in writing, at any time to correct errors or omissions.



Individuals can consent to TCG’s collection, use and disclosure of their personal information verbally, electronically or in writing, except in cases where TCG is legally authorized or bound by law to do so without consent. In some cases, an individual’s consent may be implied through their conduct with TCG.

Right of Refusal
TCG will inform individuals of the purpose for gathering personal information at the time of collection and will respect an individual’s right of refusal at that time or on an occasion in the future. There may, however, be consequences to withdrawing consent. These consequences may include TCG’s inability to provide individuals with requested products or services, information or relevant business communications.


TCG is accountable for the diligent protection of personal information under our control. To properly safeguard this information, we have taken the following precautions:

  • TCG maintains on-site control of our customer database and we conduct business in a building that is secure outside regular hours of operation.
  • Physical and electronic files containing personal information are kept safe by access restrictions. Such restrictions include locked file cabinets and internal computer passwords and network administration policies to control and/or prevent access to files containing personal information by unauthorized personnel.
  • TCG employs up-to-date technologies like firewalls and security software to prevent unauthorized or potentially malicious system access.
  • In the event that TCG must destroy any personal information under our custody, we will do so using a secure method in order to prevent unauthorized outside access, collection, use, disclosure, copying or modification.
  • TCG provides training to ensure those personnel who handle personal information do so with an appropriate level of sensitivity.

TCG’s web site may contain hyperlinks to external sites. We are not responsible for any content associated with such external sites. TCG recommends that users familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of these sites if the collection of their personal information is involved.

Right to Access

Provided a request is made in writing, individuals have the right to access their personal information. TCG may require proof of identity and/or charge a minimal fee prior to releasing the requested information. We will respond to an applicant’s request for access within thirty (30) business days and give written notice if more time is required to complete the request.

TCG will provide individuals with their personal information under our charge, information about the ways in which their information is or has been used and, if applicable, names of the individuals and/or organizations to which their personal information has been disclosed.

In some instances, TCG may not grant access to personal information where authorized and/or called for by law. If a request is refused, we will inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for refusal.

Contact Information for Access Requests
Inquiries about an individual’s right to access, TCG’s usage of personal information or concerns about policy compliance should be directed to:

Legal Department
Technology Conservation Group Inc.
715 S. Easy Street
Lecanto, FL  34461
Telephone: 352-527-2534
Fax: 352-527-8658